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  1. BQE
    Some think of Broadway as the artery of New York, but for me it’s the BQE, the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway. Coming in from JFK, up onto the Kosciusko Bridge, you get a view of Manhattan, top to bottom, in all it’s glory, and I know that I’ve made it home again, one more time.
  2. King Street
    Not ready to go home just yet? Stop by Le Pescadou, on the corner or King Street & 6th Avenue. Take a seat by the window and watch the city pass by.
  3. Jesse at 10
    This is an update of the song “Jesse” that first appeared on Leni Stern’s “Black Guitar” album. It was recorded in those first few weeks following the birth of my son.
  4. Mia Bella
    There is magic in my daughter’s soul.
  5. The View From Brooklyn Bridge
    Inspired by black and white super 8 footage that I shot walking across the Brooklyn Bridge.
  6. Michael
    For my brother, Michael. Speaking of Michael, Mike Ruff plays beautifully inspired piano on this track. If you’ve never experienced one of his live shows, then you are missing something very powerful.
  7. Rainy Night In Red Hook
    Driving home late, in the rain, from a show in New England, we passed by this Brooklyn neighborhood to take our sax player home. It’s a gem. A tucked away corner of New York.
  8. Cathedral Parkway
    “all across Cathedral Parkway the wind sweeps clean the night, and in my dreams the wolves are hungry and waiting for the weak to fall behind.”
  9. Last Week Of August
    The end of summer, driving through the golden fields on our way back to the city, this mood came over me.
  10. Peace
    Inspired by Bill Evan’s “Peace, Piece.” I asked Michael Ruff to play accordion on this, but the tuning was too far out, so he played it without playing any notes. Music is everywhere, in the most unlikely places.