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Last night in New York a rain began to fall
I put my child to bed, we said our prayers
Meanwhile 3 riders edged closer to the city
As we lay sleeping unawares
It's nothing you can prepare for
Are you ready, yes I am
A child is born tonight in Bethlehem

Suddenly things were flying that never had flown before
Into eternity they leapt
Men became became angels before our eyes
And the newborn child he wept
Straight down Broadway the shepherd led the lamb
A child is born tonight in Bethlehem

I downed a few shots of bourbon
To clear my head
And whispered the Lord's Prayer
For the living & the dead
A miracle could go unnoticed in the chaos of this place
The city was on fire
And the only relief the track of a tear
Down a dusty face

I stood watching helpless, I can't do nothing
Like some crazy 4th of July fireworks show
Everything's gonna be alright, it has to be
Everything's gonna be alright, I know
Lord have mercy on the blessed & the damned
A child is born tonight in Bethlehem