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I’m smashed
Man I crashed
All my hopes dashed
Against the rocks
Stuck in a box
Let down my guard
And I fell hard
Now I’m scared and I’m scarred, yeah

I’m smashed
Hotel room’s trashed
My songs rehashed
All cashed out
Full of self doubt
About to drown
I’m goin’ down
Here’s my countdown

9 times outa 10 the dealer wins
I’m behind the 8 ball
Run through all 7 deadly sins
My 6th sense kicks in
After a 5th of Jack Black
I’m out cold
Flat on my back

I’m smashed
You & I, we clashed
My whole life flashed
Before my eyes
Sick of the lies
The 4 letter words
My dreams deferred
I dream of birds
& if my speech is slurred
It’s cuz
I’m smashed