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Through With The Circus

I’m through with the circus
This time this is it
Go fuck yourself
You mercenary bitch

I met Mary on the circuit
She knew the road too well
Heaven for us was a night off
A warm bed in some motel
You might have almost envied us
If you didn’t know
The nowhere we were headed
The letdown after the show

I’m through with the circus
I’ve had enough of it
Go take it somewhere else
Yeah, this time I really quit

It was a kind of high
A rush of glory
Our hour upon the stage
Everybody wants to make their mark
Man, we wept and we raged
But you let a monkey hit a bar for a dose of morphine
He can’t stop himself
Take your money, take your morphine
And go to hell

I’m through with the circus
I’m through with running away
I wanna go back home
No hard feelings okay

Every night the champagne flows
Beautiful girls backstage
The only thing I’ve learned after all this time
Is don’t put your hand in the cage

I’m through with the circus...