Lyrics & Chords - City Sing For Me:


verse #1
G                     C#m7-5
I thought that I couldn't forget you
Cadd9          D7sus
But I did over time
G      C#m7-5
I forgot and forgave
Cadd9                   D7sus
Now here we are again tonight

B section
         Em7               Bm7
If this city is just concrete and steel
Em7                   Bm7
Then what is this thing I feel
Am7                                 G/B or Bm7#5
Crossing the bridge looking down at the lights
I feel hope I feel alive

Am7  Bm7sus  Em7
City Sing For Me
Am7  Bm7sus  Eadd9(f#)
City that never was
Am7  Bm7sus  Em7
City that I never left
Am7  Bm7sus  Eadd9
City in which I loved you
Am7  Bm7sus  Em7
City of strangers
Am7  Bm7sus  Eadd9
City of the heart
Am7  Bm7sus  Em7
City once upon a time
Am7  Bm7sus  Eadd9
City Sing For Me

verse #2  same chords as verse #1
It's as if I stepped out of a dream
There's so much I wanted to say
But it feels good to hold you near
Whatever happened it's OK

B section same chords as B section #1
If my heart is just concrete and steel
Then what is this thing I feel 
Inside I've carried a light
I fell hope I feel alive

chorus  same chords as chorus #1
City Sing For me...

D11                                 E11
Now whether our love was right or wrong
Cadd9    D7sus
Who's to say
Em7                     D11
But it echoes still inside my soul
Down every street and alleyway

solo over chorus changes

repeat chorus


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