The string of pearls I bought for her have come undone
Like everything unspoken between us
Came spilling out all at once
'Coz see she doesn't trust me so whenever something goes wrong
All her suspicions are proven true
I said "Let's just go to sleep now"
Like nothing had happened, but it was hard to do

I'd like to feel it again, the love we felt
Before we learned how to protect ourselves
I held her close in the cool night air
And ran my fingers through her Jet Black Hair

I try and talk to her, I try to hold her hand
But she just pulls it away
She's independent like her life depended on it
And it just may

The silence between us isn't quiet at all
Fall, baby, if you need to fall
She closes her eyes and drifts off somewhere
And brushes out the tangle from her Jet Black Hair

I love you, but you, you don't like to say it, do you
It scares you to want it, to need it, isn't that true

Sometimes saying anything at all is saying too much
An understanding passed between us
We made love and it was like a prayer
Oh, Angel, I could drown in the darkness
Of your Jet Black Hair, your Jet Black Hair...


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