Love and Other Games of Chance:


She sees life as it is man
She ain't no dreamer
Everything is black and white
She ain't sentimental, I know she don't love me
I'm just someone to hold for the night
I guess somebody somewhere must've hurt my baby
'Coz now she's thrown up her hands
To Love & Other Games of Chance

Listen, I think you needed somebody
Someone who didn't need you
Still you bet the house on your heart
But the thing is, I think we never stop loving
Whoever we've loved, and that's the cruelest part
I pray somebody's watching over us
'Coz our fate is in the hands
Of Love & Other Games of Chance

Hey, maybe somebody's trying to tell us something
Something that we don't wanna hear
Like maybe the things that we've wanted are bad for us
But does just denying them make them disappear
I guess sometimes we've got to believe in things
That we don't understand
Like Love & Other Games of Chance
Yeah, like Love & Other Games of Chance


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