I wish it wasn't so hot
It's way too smoky in here
I step out of the spotlight and let the guitar take his solo
Oh, bitter tears
So if music has the power to change things
Even in the smallest of ways
Send these notes through the night
Like a prayer of light
'Coz Something is Wrong in Spanish Harlem

So if the night is alive
Then what I tell it alone in my room
Does it tell to her
Alone at night in her room, too
Most nights music spills out from every window
There's laughter in the alleyway
But tonight the drums have stopped
The night is silent
Something is Wrong in Spanish Harlem

I don't know if it helps any now to say it
But I'll say it anyway
I love you no matter what happens
And I'll love you always

To the cool white walls of my darkened room
I give all my secrets away
I'm beside you in sprit wherever you are
When I feel Something is Wrong in Spanish Harlem


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