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New benefit CD for New 0rleans, including LJM singing "I Love to Wake Up in New Orleans" along with some very good company, including, Jeff Buckley, Natalie Merchant, The Jayhawks and others. To see the video, listen to a few tracks and order, please go to

For New Orleans


Cool new release from Adam Levy, called "Loose
Rhymes." Adam singing and playing guitar with a trio,
Live at The Living Room in New York. Adam brings the
same cool fire of his guitar playing to his
songwriting and his singing. I love the raw energy of
this record. We co-wrote the song "Put A Spell On You"
together. You can hear it here on my site on my
streaming radio page. Check out more of Adam's work

Hey Everybody,
What's new? A whole lot, but I think I'll talk about my trip to Nashville in June.  I was invited by Chely Wright to perform at her annual benefit concert. Full house, sold out, at The Wildhorse Saloon downtown. Very good company I was in: Chely, Ricky Scaggs, Delbert McClinton, Nitty Gritty Dirt band, etc. There's a photo of me with Chely at her site I'll print her picture here as I'm not too excited about seeing pictures of myself, and Chely is a bit more photogenic! She's really something. I swear she never sleeps. She writes, records and tours nonstop, and is one of the special people on the planet. I'm honored to know her.

Other stuff-my friend Renee Bell invited me downtown to see a band called "Gypsy"-3 sisters and their brother-he's 17, and the girls range from 13-22. What a sound-and the girls-well, they'll get your blood moving. I guess it's bluegrass music, that they play, but, really it's above and beyond genre. Killer tight harmonies, mandolin, guitar and fiddle playing AND great songs. If it all doesn't implode somehow, you'll be hearing from them. In fact, if you're in Nashville, they play for tips everyday from 4-8pm at the Bluegrass Inn downtown. You'd better get down there before they have their own tour bus.
Wait there's more. I had the pleasure of meeting Georgette Jones through Renee. She is the daughter of Tammy Wynette and George Jones. Talk about royalty. She has that same beautiful face and dignity that her mother had. Georgette recently sang with her dad at the Opry. Wish I could've been there.  Her debut album will be coming out sooner than later and I'll look forward to it.
I stopped by the Bluebird to see Mike Henderson play. He is one killer blues guitar player. I think he toured as a sideman guitarist in Mark Knopfler's band.  He played a bunch with his Lo E string tuned down to C. Very cool slide stuff and an overall master of soul. His bass player that night was Alison Prestwood. Check her out. She's got the lithe, slink factor going, and the phat funkiness thing, that'll wrap the voodoo around you my brother!

What else. As always, Dr. Babs's morning show "It's Gospel Time!" on WMDB Black Gospel radio-make a believer out of you- The Family Wash, cool music club/restaurant across the river, out amongst the trees in East Nashville. New singer-songwriter Sarah Siskind, that you need to check out. She wrote a song on Alison Krauss' latest CD and there's a song I love called "Times Square," on her own album.
OK, after enough fried okra, and moon pies to warrant me wearing overalls, I'll say good-bye until next time...

Hey Everybody,
Wanted to tell you about the release of a new version of "my" song, "Dancing With Antonio" (original title, "Dancing With My Maria".) Deborah Lippman has released it on her new CD, "Nightingale." She does a beautiful, unabashedly(is that a word?) romantic, late night, pure New York jazz version. It will put you straight into a 4am in a taxi mood, drifting down 9th avenue, window open, night air on your face, a touch of melancholy, perhaps a drink or two too many, feeling glad to be alive ! This is a lyric that I wrote to a Wladyslaw Szpilman melody for a companion CD to the Roman Polanski film, "The Pianist." What a movie and what a true life story. Really an honor to have my life connected to this man's life through music. In other news, I just finished reading the new Bob Dylan biography, "Chronicles, Volume One." What a suprise, the candor and  warmth in his telling of his story. It's amazing to hear him talk about the things that unfolded in his path and the way the pieces came together that led to his re-invention of the popular song. I don't think that anyone writing songs, "pop" or otherwise, hasn't been influenced by him. In one chapter he talks about recording the "Oh, Mercy" album in New Orleans with Daniel Lanois. If you've ever wondered what goes on in the studio, or even more importantly, what goes on in an artist's mind when making an album, you've got to read this. Speaking of which, when will I record my new album?! I finally had a good day of recording where the direction came clear. I hope that I can hold on to that vision and get it done without bad voodoo entering the picture. I'll keep you posted-All the best-LJM


Hey Friends,

A couple of new CD releases with my songs on them I thought you should know about. Both available from

Katey does a cool version of my song "LOVE & OTHER GAMES OF CHANCE" that I first released on my "VIBROLUX" album. Actually Katey heard it even before that, at a show I did at Largo in West Hollywood, quite a long time ago. She stopped by the writing studio I had in Venice, California, and we made a little rough recording of her singing it. That was 1992 maybe?! Perhaps you only know of her as Peg Bundy from the TV show "Married With Children", but she was a singer first, one of Bette Midler's infamous Harlettes and she also toured with Bob Dylan, Etta James & others.

This is a great 2 CD collection of songs that I'm proud to be included in. "OVER FENCES" from my "DANDELION SOUL" album appears here and I'm thrilled to be in the good company of Lucinda Williams, Alison Krause, Ryan Adams, Steve Earle, Emmy Lou Harris and Merle Haggard for God's sake! along with a bunch of other cool artists, known and lesser known.


The first in a series of live "bootleg" style recordings hand picked for "vibe" by LJM and carefully mastered, from shows in New York, Nashville, Amsterdam and beyond. Features LJM solo, duets with Jennifer Kimball (formerly of "The Story"), with his trio "The Vibrolux Soul Supreme Orchestra" and special guests. LJM covers Jimi Hendrix, Gillian Welch, The Everly Brothers, and performs his classic "Nobody's Girl", "Rough Crossing", available here for the first time, and other songs from the "Vibrolux" era. Comes in a beautiful gatefold package with liner notes and photo. To listen to the CD in it's entirety, go to the LJM Store and click on "LIVE IN LO-FI" to link to CDBaby.

LJM 11/04/03 Los Angeles

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