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Somewhere West

Her cool blue eyes, her summer skin
All afternoon the same record played again and again
I knew what she was feeling ‘cuz I’ve felt it myself
Like everything good is going on somewhere else
It would be our last time together
She turned her back to me and took off her dress
She was always going
Somewhere west

Softly she’d stroke my arm as we lay together
Man, I wish the afternoon could go on forever
The scent of sand and ocean in her hair
Baby come with me, she said
And I promised her I’d meet her there

A promise gets made
A promise gets broken
I wish her all the best
She was always going
Somewhere west

Out past the small towns and rivers
Big tall clouds go drifting by
Past my car window, big tall shafts of light
And finally the palm trees
In the cool night breeze
By daybreak I reached the ocean
And waded out knee deep
Where is the love over which I so obsessed
Out there, somewhere west
Yeah, she was always going
Somewhere west