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Flower Girl

Roses are red, blood red
Don’t wear white, it too easily stains
Wear long sleeves, the tracks of your tears
May be hard to explain
Your skin as soft as magnolia petals
And as white as pearls
You’re beautiful, you’re a fragile thing
My flower girl

It was a blue sky day in June, we were at a wedding
And I whispered to you
“How long do you think it will last?”
You said, “Don’t be so cynical, not everybody
has to drag around a past like your past”
You’re right, I’m sorry, I know somewhere
There’s a perfect world
Deep inside your dandelion soul
My flower girl

The roses in the vase, they won’t last ‘till morning
But then morning is hours and hours away
I wouldn’t make a lot of long term plans if I were you
But, hey, God laughs at the plans we make
In the morning sun the petals have begun to wilt and curl
Close your eyes, let the light wash over you
My flower girl