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Moving Day

They’re lining up the boxes
Up and down the hallway
Moving day
Loading up the truck
Hey, man, be careful with that stuff
Moving day
Ten years of your life, yeah, it just flies by
Shake loose my soul, man, a place gets old
Moving day

Hey, I’m dragging that mattress down to the street
I don’t ever wanna sleep on it again
Yeah, it’s all used up, all the dreams, the lovemaking
Staring up at the ceiling waiting for the night to end
Yeah, moving day, yeah, moving day

I knew exactly what was coming, still it shook me anyway
Moving day
I’ve walked these rooms so many times
There’s a map etched on my brain
Moving day

We’ll spend this last night together in this empty room
Just like it was when we first moved in
And whatever it was we were fighting for, well, we didn’t win
This would be our breakthrough year
More like breakdown, the nervous kind
Broke down like a car by the side of the road
Take off the plates and leave it behind
Yeah, moving day, yeah, moving day

I swear it’s still there in the walls, man, paint over it
All the stupid things we did and said
I turned and watched the kitchen light recede into the sea of night
Then I leaned ahead

Yeah, moving day
Moving day
Moving day
Moving day